Fight for Free Speech at Clemson University

At Clemson University, the YAL chapter set out to tackle policies that restrict the freedom of speech on campus. Upon consulting with FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education), it was found that Clemson was labeled as a “Red Light” school. Clemson University has policies that are highly restrictive of student’s free speech. With the leadership of the Clemson YAL chapter, they set out to best reform these policies. A coalition was soon formed between three, liberty loving student organizations, Young Americans for Liberty, Young Americans for Freedom, and Turning Point USA. After multiple meetings and keeping true to the Clemson spirit, the name given to this campaign, WeRoar. 
Free Speech Ball
On Monday, March 21, the week following spring break, the campaign was underway. Young Americans for Liberty, along with the branding for WeRoar, used this opportunity to promote free speech. We tabled every day that week on Library Bridge. We drafted a petition that calls on the university to reform or remove policies that restrict free speech. YAL premiered the Free Speech Ball on Tuesday, March 22. After a huge success with students it was decided that we would do it a second day, again drawing massive amounts of attention and support. With the help of YAL members as well as those from other student organizations, we were able to have a presence on campus that entire week. By the end of the week YAL and WeRoar had over 400 signatures.

Free Speech Ball!
The event was a huge success. We were able to not only gain support but also gained many new members who have joined YAL as well as the other organizations involved with the WeRoar campaign. We hope we can serve as an example to other universities across the nation.  
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