Fight for Free Speech at CSU Stanislaus

On February 15, 2017, YAL at CSU Stanislaus held it’s second ever event – though it was supposed to be scheduled last Wednesday.

For Fight for Free Speech Week, our prospects for rolling out our giant beach ball were rendered null when it rained and we were forced to postpone our event. However, when we were able to make it work on the following Wednesday, it went superbly well. We were able to attract a lot of attention and get lots of students involved by having them sign our free speech ball, as well as sign up in interest of the chapter. Overall, the student response was positive with only a couple of students taking issue with the principles that our organization holds.

At our next meeting, we met with those who were interested in finding out more about the organization as well as the principles of liberty!

Though we had to engage in our fight for free speech a week late, we were able to gain considerable ground and expose many students to the ideas of unfettered free speech and liberty overall.

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