Fight For Free Speech at Montana State University

After a very good year of activism at Montana State University, our YAL chapter decided to send students off into the summer with a free speech event so that they were reminded of one of their most basic rights. We used a large beach ball in which we rolled around the most populated spot on campus. We wanted to make sure students were aware of the importance of free speech especially on college campuses. 

Le Ballon
We encouraged passersby to write whatever they wanted to on the ball whether it be provocative, profane, humorous, or some other kind of madness in order to demonstrate and exercise their right to free speech. There was a fairly good response among the public and we got a very entertaining variety of scribblings on our ball. As a result we got several sign-ups on our free speech petition.

la seconde bille
Overall, this activism event was extremely successful in that we drew significant attention to the issue of free speech and gained popularity for our passion for liberty. Most of the people with whom we interacted had never heard of our chapter before, so the outreach of this event was fantastic.
Hopefully this event fired up a group of students for liberty. We are excited for the future of our chapter and will continue to fight for free speech throughout the summer and will continue that with us next semester.
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