Fight for Free Speech at Pasadena City College

Another successful event at Pasadena City College! Many PCC students showed their support for free speech and YAL yesterday during our Fight for Free Speech event! We rolled our 5 foot high Free Speech Ball around campus and spoke with students about their right to free speech, especially on a public college campus like PCC!

While collecting sign ups, I spoke with a gentleman that asked me if he could join to which I ecstatically replied YES, and handed him the sign-up sheet. Before he wrote down his information, he asked me if him being a Muslim restricted his membership. This hit me hard for some reason, and I explained that as Americans, not only is Freedom of Speech protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution, but Freedom of Religion is protected too. His face lit up and he told me that he really appreciates what we are doing on campus and that he supports our cause 100%. 

That is why I am involved in the Liberty movement: to make a positive impact in peoples lives and bring people together for discussion so that we can exchange ideas about topics that might be controversial, such as religion. Too many college campuses are prohibiting free speech, but I am proud to say that at PCC, free speech is alive and held up by not only YAL, but also by the PCC student community.

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