Fight for Free Speech at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

Last week, on the warmest day in February, Young Americans for Liberty at St. Mary’s College of Maryland held our Fight for Free Speech event. With the help of Sean Akey, the YAL Maryland State Chair, we tabled for over four hours signing up dozens of students. The event was fun, uncontroversial, and caught the zealous eyes of many curious students. 

Even students who normally would argue that hate speech is unprotected under the First Amendment were more than ready to write whatever they wanted on the free speech ball. Silly, positive, negative messages – it did not matter what students wrote on the ball; what mattered was that students were gladly exercising their fist amendment rights.

That night we had our first meeting of the semester, where we promoted the ideas and benefits of free speech with a short presentation (credits to Sean Akey) and by having a small group discussion. The result: our club now has more consistent members than both College Republicans and even College Democrats.

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