Fight for Free Speech at Temple University

Now that spring has sprung, outdoor events have been a lot of fun! It was 85 degrees and sunny when we hosted our Free Speech Ball event at Temple University. Right in the middle of campus by the lawn, we blew up the beach ball. Although we ran into some problems with the pump and the ball didn’t fully inflate, students were still interested. Many people were curious as to why we had a giant, colorful beach ball on campus- and most of them liked the idea of supporting free speech on campus. We were actually surprised that no one tried to start an argument with us about it!

Next week we plan on hosting Ax the Tax and another Free Speech Ball event. We are hoping to start conversations and get people involved before the end of the year and the stress of finals. We’re looking forward to challenging speech codes and strict reservation guidelines on campus. Temple is a public school and we believe that it should be treated as such.

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