Fight for Free Speech at Virginia Commonwealth University

On March 17th, my chapter and Virginia State Chair for YAL, Michael Wigginton, organized the first Fight for Free Speech event at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).

I want to mention that I am an International Student who is attending VCU on an F-1 visa and never thought I would get too politically involved with anything, but YAL has a set of ideals that I felt connected to.

We pumped up a 12 feet tall beach ball and rolled it around a part of campus for people to write whatever they wanted. It was a wonderful event and the outcome was way better than I expected. People wrote their opinions on all sorts of things including politics, tv shows, social media info or just people in school. 

More than anything, I absolutely loved the fact that we provided a platform for students to voice their thoughts with a guarantee of not being personally threatened. I feel every educational environment needs something like this so that students have a place to get things off their chest. 

Overall, this was a delightful and enjoyable experience and I hope to be involved in a similar event soon.

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