Fight for Free Speech Highlighted in The New Hampshire

Young Americans for Liberty has been mentioned in the University of New Hampshire’s school newspaper. The article titled “Students Challenge Universities’ First Amendment Limitations” mentions New Hampshire state chair Joshua Fox as one of the students fighting for free speech on campus. Fox was interviewed by The New Hampshire and was quoted saying, “We’re having this big fight for free speech on campus. You can easily see things happen at Berkeley University… We’re trying to change things so you can easily have controversial speakers on campus. We’re trying to make sure every student can have their voices heard… We’re having this huge fight to regain our first amendment rights on university campuses.” 

The article highlights the work done by students and administrative staff to change its FIRE rating from yellow to green. With continued work by Young Americans for Liberty we can finally make the “Live Free or Die” state live up to it’s motto. The article can be viewed at this following link:

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