Fight for Free Speech-MSU, Mankato Chapter

The Mankato YAL chapter held several Fight for Free Speech events this week in honor of Freedom Day. We walked around campus with a Free Speech poster board gaining students’ interest and support for Free Speech and our movie screening. We are overjoyed at the amount of student participation around campus with our Free Speech Wall. 
Talking to Students About Liberty
The following day we held a screening of the film “Can We Take a Joke?” We didn’t get as many people in attendance as we had hoped, but considering our chapter is just kicking off the ground again, we were pleased with the turn out! Audience members engaged in a discussion at the end of the film about Free Speech on campus and other public areas. Everyone left with a free pocket Constitution. 
Overall, our new YAL chapter’s first activism events were a success. We reached a lot students with our Free Speech Wall, and had an engaging conversation with other students about Free Speech in the United States.
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