Fighting For Carrying Rights at Coe College

On Tuesday, October 11, the Coe College YAL chapter set out to make students more aware of how unfair it is to not be able to defend yourself on a college campus.  As it stands, students are unable to carry means of self-defense such as tasers or even pepper spray.  With the recent uptick of clowns on college campuses nation-wide, and even a few at Coe, this issue really hit home.

A game of dodgeball was used to emphasize the point.  The game started out as the same dodgeball that we all know where there are two teams and they are trying to get the players on the other team out by hitting them with a ball.  After the first game ended, all the balls would be taken away from one team and given to the other.  The first game was trying to assert what happens when each side is armed and able to fight back.  The second game was trying to accentuate the harsh realities when one side is left unarmed, much like what is happening on college campuses.  The students are being left unarmed and vulnerable to the side that doesn’t care about the rules.

Overall, it was a fairly productive day.  YAL had a petition going to allow for the carrying of means of self-defense on campus.  Over the course of the day, six pages were filled with signatures by students who agreed that their safety takes precedent, and the policy of being unable to properly defend themselves should be overturned.

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