FIghting for Free Speech at Kutztown University

On February 14th, the Kutztown chapter of Young Americans for Liberty held its first free speech event of the semester. To kick off the semester we just went with a simple event handing out pocket constitutions and asking people to sign our petition to change the speech codes on Kutztown’s campus so our new members could become comfortable at events and at approaching people. To make the event a little more fun we made it a competition within the club to see who could get the most the most people to sign their petitions. We got around 71 people to sign our free speech petition, which I am very proud of since we were only outside handing out pocket constitutions for about an hour and a half.

This event was very important to our chapter not only because we got to become a closer group but because it was our first event out of four that we will be having in the next eight weeks that will become a “trigger event” towards our nonenforcement case. Since Kutztown University is a public university it is federally funded meaning Kutztown must abide by the constitution. There are some speech codes on campus that go against the constitution and we plan to change them. Kutztown does not enforce these policies but still refuse to get rid of them so we are going to build our case in hopes that they will change them.

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