FIghting Speech Codes at Truman College

Truman Colleges’ YAL chapter was started to fight the unconstitutional speech codes at school as well as to grow its membership. The chapter put on a free speech wall! It was such a success the first day that we had to put another 20 foot of space on the 2nd day and another 25 feet the 3rd day (the administration said we couldn’t have any more space after that). During the event, we were able to get 40 people interested in starting the chapter officially at the school and next week we look forward to becoming recognized by the school. 

In addition, Thursday Patrick Murray, founder of Truman’s YAL chapter, along with State Chair Nathan Berning addressed the School’s board of trustees on how these unconstitutional speech codes effect over 120,000 students a year. We will take down these speech codes with the help of F.I.R.E., YAL, and the American Legion.

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