Fighting the War on Youth at EMU

Yes — we as college students are in debt with student loans. But that mounting debt is tiny compared to the fiscal insanity that has been imposed on us by the bureaucrats in D.C. There is no distinction between discretionary and mandatory spending in America. Both establishment parties have special interests in mind, yet they both seem to agree that putting our generation in debt is not a concern of theirs. Instead, it is incumbent upon them to police the world, spy on Americans, raise the debt ceiling, and force everyone to buy expensive insurance.

Today, a student’s share of the national debt is $905,950. Side effects include: high prices/a weak dollar, unemployment, low incomes, and high taxes.

MI State Convention

Connor Beausejour, an enthusiastic new member of our chapter, accompanied me to YAL’s MI State Convention this spring. We were able to hear from some very successful activists and I was excited to see Connor network and learn about the many organizations that help us out. He helped me take notes, and together, we set goals for the Fall and brainstormed recruitment ideas.

WOY flyer

During finals week, on April 24, three new members and my friend Ian from SFL worked together by raising awareness on EMU’s campus of the War on Youth. Prior to the event, we distributed flyers around campus and created a Facebook event page. While the event page never picked up speed, it was quite smart of us to set up camp right in front of Halle Library. This is a high traffic area, especially during finals, so our location made up for the people in zombie mode who passed by flyers or avoided social media.


It was fun to observe my new members’ strengths as we attempted to draw people in to play “Liberty Pong.” Jon was very vocal and friendly to everyone who passed by, cracking jokes about the lies Obama has told, waving the Fathead around. Clayton was very patient and helped fix our banner which fell victim to the intense wind we were experiencing. Connor was great at networking, bringing his friends and signing them up immediately.  In total, were able to get six people to sign up for more information. Most students were outraged, and even some potential freshman on tour groups caught a glance and smiled at Jon’s ridiculous impressions.



I was able to contact the new recruits and there were four present at our meeting on the 28. We went through introductions, what YAL is all about, benefits of being a dues paying member, and then I got a discussion going on what liberty is. This discussion lasted almost three hours, and the white board in the room was completely covered by the time we were done! We then talked about leadership roles we could establish in the Fall and someone was already volunteering for VP.

The camaraderie I saw in the room so soon was an amazing and fun experience. I can’t wait to see the work we do in September! 

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