Fighting the War on Youth at UCCS

UCCS Young Americans for Liberty

The Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS YAL) War on Youth event started out with an interesting challenge at first: getting the banner to stay up on the west lawn.

The purpose of this event was to have a visibility campaign and get people to notice UCSS YAL campus. We got about 10 new sign-ups, and we handed out as many flyers, books, and materials as possible while also engaging students about the national debt, students debt, and discussing any other issues that came up. Occasionally students enjoyed playing the giant Debt Pong set up that was set up and winning free prizes, such as books, stickers, and other tabling materials.

Most importantly, UCCS YAL emphasized the event we would be partnering with Students For Sensible Drug Policy later that night, America’s Longest War, which featured a film about drug prohibition and its effect on American civilization.People all over the world are beginning to realize that the war on drugs is a colossal failure. UCCS was hoping to capture some of these students who think this by hosting this event. Approximately 25 or more students showed up to the event to watch the video!

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