Finding a Job in the Liberty Movement

Here are a few of the best resources for finding jobs within the liberty movement.  YAL also has lots of strategic partners who have great opportunities for employment.  

Know of a good resource we’re missing? Leave it in the comments section!

Conservative Jobs

One of the best sites to start at is, a project of the Leadership Insitute, which allows you to upload your resume, and fill out a public policy questionnaire so that only organizations you agree with contact you.  Conservative Jobs is constantly updated with some of the best opportunities for conservatives and libertarians.  LI itself also has some great opportunities for employment.

State Policy Network

The State Policy Network has a number of great resources for those those interested in working in the public policy realm, including a job bank listing organizations that are hiring.  There are many public policy organizations across the country, and most likely there is one close to you.

Institute for Humane Studies

IHS is one of the biggest libertarian organizations in the country, and many YAL members have worked for them.  Check out their jobs postings site and be sure to check back often for updates.

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