First Activism Event at James Madison University

It was 11 degrees at 8:30 on the morning of January 18th. Neither the cold nor the ice laden path would stop us from making liberty win this semester. We met on the quad, bright and early ready to challenge the current speech codes at James Madison University. For the next half an hour we received many questioning looks as we sat on the bold bench outside Sheldon Hall pumping up our free speech ball.

By 9:00 we were rolling. Campus was abuzz with students returning for the first week of campus. Unfortunately, a good portion of the students were either too busy or too cold to express their First Amendment Rights. That did not stop us from gathering over 50 signatures for our petition.

Currently James Madison rule J36-101.1 states that “Students or student organizations must obtain written approval from the coordinator of clubs and organizations, before petitioning or surveying students.” We petitioned, without permission, against this petition. We did not receive a “trigger” will be sending a “Letter of Nonenforcement” to the campus administration. After over an hour on the quad we had to disperse, deflate the ball and go to class.

At 7:30 we met back up for James Madison’s Club and Organizational Fair. This was a fairly successful event. We received over a dozen sign ups from interested members and distributed YAL literature as well as constitutions. This was a great first day back on campus and I am excited to see what we are able to accomplish this semester!

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