First Appearance of YAL at The College of Saint Rose

Over the past month, I have been working to get a YAL chapter running at The College of Saint Rose in Albany New York. I have worked under advisement of the leader of the YAL chapter at The University of Albany and have started to make some steady headway. Although the first few days of my recruitment had very little success, I eventually got more people to sign up. This recruitment was done over a period of a week. 

My recruitment actually started before the summer ended. I used social media to get the word out about our YAL chapter. I created a Facebook group which has six members, excluding myself. I started out pretty slowly using this method but eventually made progress as more libertarians discovered the Facebook post I made. The group thus far had seven members total, a little bit over half-way of the amount of members we need to be recognized by the school, which is 12.

Throughout the week I was very low on resources. My complete recruitment kit hadn’t arrived yet, so I was forced to improvise for the majority of the week. Throughout multiple days of recruiting, I was only able to get the attention of two people. Many people likely saw my set-up as unprofessional. 

Then, my recruitment kit finally arrived, I opened it up, and took out the large banner. It was excellent and just what I needed to get more people to join! The table on my last day of recruiting gathered a lot more attention because it was more professional-looking. I even talked to one of the Political Science professors at the college when he took notice. Overall, Saturday turned out to be a great day. I got five more people to sign up. At the moment, we are at 14 members exceeding the amount needed to be recognized by the school. Our first meeting is this coming Saturday. Hopefully, I’ll gain more members during Constitution Week.  

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