First Day of Free Speech: The REAL Great Leap Forward

At the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, the first Free Speech event held by Benjamin Waldman and myself was a huge success. With 68 petition signatures, many students were very intrigued by seeing a beach ball that was the same height as themselves being pushed around campus. With many asking the purpose of the petition, we helped inform people of the Free Speech zones on campus, as well as passed out Constitutions to help students be informed of their rights as citizens of the United States of America.

We were confronted by the Administration, who were surprisingly very helpful. They said that we were doing something very creative and helpful for the students of Pembroke and that we are not going to be disrupted with our Free Speech events. They made known that we do need to notify administration not for permission, but for security purposes for our safety when we hold these events. I’d have to say, for the first day, we’ve made a great leap forward, and not Mao Zedong’s version either!

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