First Event of The Year

 This year has gotten off to a great start! As a chapter, we decided to table at Becker’s club fair for freshmen. The response we received was fantastic. Our sign-ups finished around 30 new names for the day at a college of 3,000 total. In a small school, it can be tough to get membership up, especially in a state where liberty isn’t important to most. However, this hasn’t stopped us. I would say it only further motivated my members, as well as myself, to work harder and recruit as much as possible. 

Private schools are tough to reach with liberty, but take it from me, it is possible when you get the right people to come and table. As long as you are up front, high energy, and present an attractive view of the liberty movement you will see your numbers jump up in no time. This year continues to look bright, and I look forward to presenting our successes more as the year rolls on. 

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