First Ever Tabling Event for YAL at GCC

On August 30th, the newly formed Young Americans for Liberty at Grove City College tabled for the first time at our annual Orientation Board Organization Fair.

Our leadership team showed up almost two hours before the fair began to help set-up for the event, making sure the table looked as nice as possible. Thanks to YAL National and other liberty-minded groups (including FIRE, Students For Liberty, and the Leadership Institute), we had more than enough materials to make our table look like one of most professional tables at the fair.


We didn’t know what kind of response we would receive from the attendees of the Fair, a majority of whom were freshmen, but we were pleasantly surprised to get a large number of sign-ups. At the end of the night, we had received over 40 new sign-ups from freshmen and upperclassmen alike. Since then 17 new students have signed up for our chapter on the YAL website, bringing our group to 24 active members. 


A main key to our success was the Politically Homeless Kit provided by the Advocates for Self Government, which attracted many students to our table. Not surprisingly, after taking the Politically Homeless quiz many students found that their politically beliefs were either libertarian or libertarian-leaning. This no doubt encouraged many students to sign up for our group.


We will continue our recruiting efforts at our first activism event on September 18. We will be building a giant Constitution, including a Bill of Rights, to inform students of the rights that they possess that no government can take away. As students pass by, we will encourage them to sign the Constitution and sign up for our group.

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