First Few Weeks at McDaniel College

The most popular and active organizations on liberal indoctrinated McDaniel College’s campus are the Progressive Student Union, Black Student Union, and the Green Club.  However, it is safe to say that Young Americans for Liberty is climbing the ladder – fast.  During our first recruitment drive, my secretary and I found more libertarians and conservatives on campus than we expected; students who share these values at McDaniel have been hard to come by, considering that conservatives on campus are virtually silent.

The “Socialism Sucks” posters and pins from Turning Point USA were a hit. Students were coming up to our table asking, “Is this YAL??”.  One of our members even carried the sign over to the Progressive Student Union.  I know they were offended because they came over to the table and made remarks such as, “Oooo we love capitalism!!” and “We need to see your literature so we can read up on you.”  We were able to gather 30 enthusiastic signups.

Our first meeting was a success as we had 11 members attend in addition to 7 others who were not able to make it but expressed interest in further involvement in YAL.  At the meeting we talked about free speech, including popular ‘offensive’ language and trigglypuffs, while also discussing the actions of Colin Kaepernick. It is encouraging for me to hear from current members asking me about our next meeting – in order to be sure that they attend and provide talking points.

Everyone would be happy to know that YAL is in the process of becoming recognized by the Office of Student Engagement at McDaniel College, and that our first group of members are successfully providing a foundation for the future of this organization on campus.

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