First full semester of YAL at Shorter University

Group #1

With the conclusion of this spring semester and the winding down of finals, Shorter University’s Young Americans for Liberty is pleased to report that we had a wonderful and productive semester that brought to campus five tremendous speakers, including Hayden Collins, who spoke on behalf of his support for campus carry, Collins is also running for U.S. Congress in Georgia’s 11th district.

Hayden Collins speaking on his support for campus carry.

Ken Herron also spoke for us. Herron is running for Congress in Georgia’s 14th district. Mary Kay Bacallao was also among the speakers. She spoke specifically on common core, and its destruction of real education and school choice.  Mary Kay is running for Georgia’s State School Superintendent.

Lastly we had both Niki Broun and Derrick Grayson; Niki Broun, wife of US Representative Paul Broun of Georgia spoke on her husbands involvement as a Second Amendment activist prior to his run for Congress back in ’08. Grayson who is a former minister and Youtube political commentator spoke on the erosion of our constitutional safeguards by D.C. politicians. Grayson and Broun will be facing each other in a US Senate primary this month.

While Shorter University Young Americans for Liberty cannot endorse any candidates, we have been pleased to host such these candidates to speak on issues of great importance and concern to our community and state.

Group #2

Derrick Grayson

Niki Broun

Ken Herron speaking to the audience

Mary Kay on the destruction of education by common core

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