First Leadership Meeting at YAL at the University of Colorado, Denver!

Tonight we had our first leadership meeting. It was great! Our club is planning on finding more interesting and exciting ways to bring in more people. For example, we are planning on tabling at more school events and chalking on campus saying, “What’s YAL? Come to our Meeting to find out!”

The leadership team will have weekly meetings and we will have member and leader meetings every week as well. On top of two meetings a week, we are also going to have more activism events specifically focused on government regulations. Our leadership has decided that we want to also have monthly debates with the club based on what the government should and shouldn’t control. 

Lastly, our club at the University of Colorado, Denver will be having a fun event once a month. We are planning on doing a birthday party for two of our leaders this month and we are going to go bowling! It’s going to be a great semester.

As the State chair for Colorado, I have been trying to find more people in our chapters in Colorado to correspond with, therefore we are going to promote of our members as the outreach ambassador so we can get everyone involved together! Last weekend, I was out in Washington, D.C. at the leadership summit and I learned a lot about networking! I am excited to put my training to work to make Colorado one of the best YAL states! 

YAL Leadership Summit

Here’s to liberty!

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