First Meeting at Binghamton University!

First Meeting

After more than 40 sign ups at our first tabling event, we had more than 30 students show up to our first meeting, excited to discuss and learn more about liberty! Out of these attendees, it seemed like many were ready to take on activism events throughout the year and truly be active members of our chapter. One of our biggest issues in the past was retention rate, but after the things I learned at the YAL conference this summer, I feel more confident than ever that we can become one of the most prominent groups on campus.

New Recruits

Despite the room getting very warm with the unusually high temperature for September in upstate New York, all the new recruits happily stayed until the meeting ended unless they had other commitments from the beginning. Talking to many of the new recruits after the meeting and around campus, everyone seemed excited to come back next week and excited for the future!

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