First Meeting at Indiana University of Pennsylvania


At Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the HUB Conemough Room, IUP Young Americans for Liberty held our first meeting.  I introduced myself and the Young Americans for Liberty philosophy.  I told them about how I came to the philosophy of liberty and had everyone else share their stories. 

I then shared the event that we’re going to be doing on 10/16 which is called Operation Politically Homeless.  This is a good outreach tool to find people who already share our philosophy but may have never even heard the word libertarian.  I plan for this to recruit members, but aside from that, the members we already have will enjoy doing this!

Overall it was a good meeting and we had about 10 people show up.  We floated a lot of ideas for future events and activism and in the future we plan to also have topical discussion from videos from the likes of LearnLiberty or other sources relevant to our interests.

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