First Recruiment Table at St. Mary’s

Last Friday, the St Mary’s College of Maryland Young Americans for Liberty chapter held its first ever recruitment table at our college’s involvement fair. 

With our pocket constituents, worlds smallest political quiz, and other YAL gear in hand, we took the message of liberty to dozens of new students on campus. Though we are a fairly liberal campus – with only 2,000 students – over fifty people signed up for our Chapter.Some students knew nothing about libertarianism, however they were happy to learn more about the liberty movement. In fact, some of them found out they were libertarians through the worlds smallest political quiz,. Additionally, many students those who were already knew they were on the side of Liberty were ecstatic that there was finally a chapter on campus. 

Not everyone, however, was happy we were on campus. Later in the day, I was confronted by a feminist who wanted to argue about the minimum wage. Other people that approached the table were staunch leftist – including one student that considered himself a communist. Despite our disagreements, we all got along. Some of them even said they would attend a chapter meeting!

Overall, the chapter is off to a great start. We plan on hosting a debate, and a few other awesome liberty-style events on campus this semester. Before I graduate, SMCM students will have a new appreciation for the values of Liberty.

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