First Recruitment Drive at MSSU!

I’m happy to announce that this very first recruitment drive attracted a lot of attention from the Missouri Southern State University lions, and we’re off to a roaring start!


We printed several dozen copies of the YAL mission statement off the website to handed, and after a short while, I even had to print more! We filled an entire sign up sheet, and nearly half of another, totaling 21 students from MSSU who stopped by and are interested in the fight for, and protection of freedom in our nation.

Several students loved the passion that we displayed while talking to them, agreeing completely how we the people need to take interest in public affairs. One girl who signed up was so excited she proclaimed “It’s about time our school gets a group such as this!” Nearly everyone agreed that economic freedom leads to prosperity, and that the national debt was outrageous. Several students were not aware of the current state of our nation, and were shocked to hear statistics such as the for-profit prisons and the incarceration rates.



I’m excited for the future and even more hopeful for this nation upon seeing the outcome of the recruitment here at MSSU. I look forward to building a foundation of principles at my school and to encourage new leadership after I graduate.

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