First Recruitment Drive at Owens Community College

Hey everyone,

Last week Owens Community College completed its first activism event of the year. Owens Community College is located in northwest Ohio and is one of the largest community colleges in the state. So there is a lot of potential for chapter growth here. 

We started this Chapter this past July and are hoping to grow over this fall semester. Bryan Wyatt, the chapter president, is also a campus coordinator for Students For Liberty so the joint support really helps our chapter output. 

The recruitment drive last week went very well. We set up our table outside the campus bookstore which is a high traffic area on campus. All the students that came up to the table enjoyed the materials especially pocket constitutions, YAL palm cards, and YAL stickers. 

We are looking to complete a couple more recruitment/activism drives in the coming weeks.

Overall, we hope to use these chapter sign-ups to host future meetings and bring LIBERTY to Owens Community College!


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