First Recruitment Drive for Community College of Philadelphia

On October 6, 2016, the newly forming Community College of Philadelphia Young Americans For Liberty held its first recruitment drive.

The day started off much more busy than expected. During the first 5 minutes of setup, we received two signatures of liberty-minded students. Throughout the day, we attracted the attention of more students by speaking about the ideals of personal liberties, how the presidential election proves that both the Democratic and Republican parties have failed the average American, and how the War on Drugs is a complete failure that has a racial outcome. Many students gained interest in these topics and wanted to learn more.


Another successful strategy we used was offering people pocket constitutions and the “How to respond to the police” cards. We were surprised how many people were interested in learning about the Constitution and realizing how our current government rarely follows it. The students who stopped by our table that day definitely left with more political knowledge, and knowing that limited government is the way to go.


For this to be our very first recruitment drive, gaining 10 signatures was a huge success for us. This now puts us in the requirements for becoming recognized by the school as an official organization. It is known that CCP is a very liberal campus, but as soon as we become more prominent, many people will start viewing college politics the YAL way.

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