First Steps at Mississippi College

The morning of January 28, everyone involved in the Mississippi College chapter of YAL/TPUSA was a bit on edge. We did not know how our recruitment drive would go, but we wanted it to go well. We all contributed different ideas, and at (a little bit after) 10:00, we were ready.

Then we realized campus administration had not supplied our table like we had expected. We called our school’s great events coordinator, and then, we got started.

At first, no one came. It did not look promising. But, after a while, a couple of people stopped by. Most of them were lured in by the candy one of our officers, Aly Travani, had brought out. When they stopped we talked to them about what we were doing, and some of them were interested. At the end of the day, we had around ten people sign up to learn more.

We followed up with them on Sunday to invite them to our first meeting on Monday night. When Monday came, we were nervous again. This time, the meeting room we were supposed to use was locked. In a feat of improvisation, we took our meeting to the student commons. In the end, it all worked out. We played an icebreaker game, had pizza, and listened to Andrew Dellinger from Americans for Prosperity-Mississippi talk to us about state issues of economic liberty. By the end of the meeting, we had at least two more people who were seriously committed to the cause.

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