First Strike at San Francisco State University!

Two weeks ago the San Francisco State chapter had the pleasure of hosting our first recruitment drive of the Spring 2018 semester. The bright, beautiful rays of the West Coast sun shone down in the middle of a week of rain, allowing the entire campus to come alive with semester excitement. The chapter harnessed this energy, setting up our table right in the heart of campus in Malcom X Plaza. The campus was bustling, and we wasted no time in setting up our free speech ball and spreading the message of Liberty on a campus so desperately needing it. Things started well with the ball attracting students to our table for conversation and polite debate. The occasional student even walked up to us expressing excitement witnessing contrary thought being presented on campus.

And then the cameras arrived! Photographers and journalists from both the campus newspaper and journalism department found our table to be quite the point of interest. There were multiple times that cameras were out and clicking, capturing the moment that students were introduced to the concept of Liberty. Nearer the end, a faculty member from the Library professed her love for our message, stating that Free Speech was one of the most important topics NOT being discussed on campus. Reactions of students and faculty alike truly showcased the importance of the actions that YAL takes on campuses all over the country.  Although the event was just the beginning of what YAL will achieve on the SFSU campus, it was an extension of all the hard work of thousands of students and and dozens of driven leaders dedicating their time to #MakeLibertyWin. The future is ours to fight for! Seize it!

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