First Table of the Season

     It was a bright Tuesday afternoon in Fall semester and I had decided I wanted to table. I got my materials together and drove to campus, with an energy drink in tow. I was relishing the moment to unsheathe my best weapon in my tool chest for the liberty moment, my tongue.

    Oddly enough, even though I had assisted about two years back in my SFL chapter with getting the free speech zones eliminated off of campus, it was still necessary to procure a facilities permit for the use of a table. Which I did, and even gave some national debt pamphlets to the facilities director on campus. Finally I was able to get my table, I laid out my literature, and effectively used the simple advice given to me at YALCON; standing in front of the table.

    I was fairly surprised by the difference it made when I stood in front, suddenly from just about five or six people who had come up just to browse, the passerby and actively engaged ratio switched. I was able to within an hour after some classes had released, actually get about eight folks to come up to me and question me on the meme posters and what YAL’s purpose is. It was actually pretty cool and I was able to espouse some freshly crafted rhetoric on the truth of the matter in the current political landscape. My primary point being the partitioning of Liberty into many parts by the left-right paradigm, and the ignoring of civil liberties by the common person.

    In conclusion I had gone in with medium expectations as it was not a busy Tuesday in the quad of my school but I was able to be animated enough to gain a lot of attention. People of all walks of life, whatever your political stripe are attracted to Liberty. It almost doesn’t even matter the level of the presentation, just the level of activity you reflect outwards to get others interested.    Carpe Libertatem from the Merced College Chapter.

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