First Tabling Event at Drury University

The day was hot and businesses were placed around Drury’s notorious fountain circle. The local radio station was blasting music and giving away prizes. 

Meanwhile, a hundred or so feet away, YAL @ Drury University’s first tabling event was underway. I set out Constitutions, books, buttons, stickers, and more! The politically homeless quiz was a sell-out as people were in line to learn their political affiliation, but more importantly, people were excited about the activism events to come. 

Political poster

One student was marked as Centrist on the poster and said, “But I’m libertarian!” We invited him to our first meeting and he seemed ecstatic walking away with copies of Peace, Love, and Liberty, The Law, and the Constitution. The number of individuals who were shocked they were libertarians was inspiring, and in the end 52 students signed up!


We’re looking forward to more recruitment and activism!

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