First tabling event at University of Wyoming

Last week was my first major recruiting effort here at the University of Wyoming. I have been putting this off for quite awhile do to lack of time and lack of university recognition. A change of policy allowed me to table and submit posters for purposes of recruitment for a short period while not being officially recognized.


This was a very welcomed opportunity as I have been sitting on so much material that I had to start refusing offers for more. I decided the “Operation Politically Homeless Kit” from The Advocates for Self-Government would be best for recruiting. It was awkward at first, it took a while for anyone to take interest even though I was standing the whole time and trying to invite people to take the quiz.


However, after one person decided to take it, I soon was lacking enough pens for everyone to take it at once! I found a few people interested in YAL and got them to join out Facebook group. My biggest mistake here though was relying on them to join it themselves and not taking down their information.    

It was an overall success and we now have enough people to become official as soon as we find a faculty advisor! 

Thanks YAL!

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