First Three Meetings at Grove City

The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Grove City College has had three meetings so far this semester.

At the first meeting on February 3, the President Jon Nelson delivered a presentation, introducing Young Americans for Liberty to a group of 11 students. After a video introduction to liberty, the group discussed what liberty really means to them. At the meeting, the group also discussed the merger between the YAL and Student for Liberty groups on campus, and talked about ideas for future events and meetings.


At the second meeting on February 10, Dr. Mark Hendrickson, professor of economics at Grove City, gave a lecture on income inequality to a group of 18 students. He talked about what income inequality actually means and the different causes of it. Income inequality caused by government intervention should be detested, but inequality caused by the inherent differences between human beings is nothing to be afraid of.


At the third meeting on February 17, David Haas, former Pennsylvania State chair of YAL and current regional coordinator for Heritage Action for America came in to talk about an activism opportunity with Heritage Action. They support and encourage groups of conservative and libertarian students to have meetings with local Congressman to let the legislators know their opinions on pending legislation.

Grove City’s chapter of YAL will continue having meetings on Mondays at 9 pm in HAL 310. The rest of the semester will be filled with lectures from professors and student-led discussions on Monday nights, and tabling and activism events throughout the week.

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