First time around the block

I recently had the opportunity to be active on my campus, the University of South Alabama. I teamed up with Spring Hill’s chapter president, Alexis Esneault, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with to help start our chapter for several months now. 

Progress has been a little slow, due to delays from our school’s student activities office, but why should this surprise anyone? I’ve managed to make a red carpet from all the tape in the way. School policy only permits SGA-approved organizations to table in the designated zones around our student center.

By this point we had been waiting for months for some sort of response, regarding our approval, from the administration. But progress waits for no one, especially bureaucracy.

So we busted out the white fold-out table and proceeded to educate. We had several copies of “Why Liberty?” and “Peace, Love, and Liberty”, along with countless pocket Constitutions, laid across the table. We had many individuals approach our table, ready to learn.

No one person had the same questions or concerns, either. Some made obscure assumptions, accusing the Libertarian platform of supporting ‘free love’. But we all know that’s silly, nothing is free. Some others were motivated to talk to us when they overheard our positive outlook towards marijuana legalization. It just goes to show, liberty is not exclusive; liberty is for everyone.

I hope to see our chapter soon legitimately recognized by our merciful SGA overlords. Until then, I just may have to table without permission again, it’s too much fun. After all, how Libertarian is it to beg permission for dissent?

A Successful Day of Smashing the State

Here’s to next time.

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