First Time Recruiting at Northeastern University

As one of the founding members at Northeastern, I had the amazing yet challenging responsibility of running our campus’s first recruitment effort. Without official on-campus recognition, my chapter was unfortunately unable to be involved with the Fall Fest activities fair. Therefore I resorted to standing in the middle of the quad with a signup sheet and some recruitment kit materials, stopping people on their way to class.

I immediately found out how hard it is to stop someone who is rushing to class, and I noticed that many students had earbuds in or would just completely ignore me. The students who actually acknowledged my existence usually turned away at the mere mention of politics, let alone the ideas of liberty that are not commonly held on campus.

After calling out “Do you like Ron Paul?” and hearing back “Who is that?” I really questioned my choice of higher education. However, I did not let any of this discourage me. I stayed out on the quad, potentially embarrassing myself by being way too excited about liberty (if that is even possible). Eventually I got a few sign-ups.

As a chapter that is just starting, each sign-up is very valuable. Even interacting with students who wouldn’t sign up was worth it because now they are more aware that a competition of ideas exists in Boston. This is a minor step, but at least it’s a good one. I look forward to recruiting again next week as we build up our chapter from a small group of enthusiastic founders to a larger community of liberty activists.

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