First time tabling at AACC

When I began tabling today, I was the only official member of my YAL chapter. Now there’s one more member, plus a bunch of people interested!

Melissa, a helpful field rep, and I set up the table around 11 in the cafeteria. I intended to walk up to people and talk to them about YAL, but as soon as I made a move to do so, a faculty member came over. She said it was ok that I’d set a table up, but I couldn’t approach anyone. They’d have  to come to me. This is the first event I’ve done, and I’m there to garner support, not make a fuss, so I went with it. I decided we’d need a little extra since we had to lure people in, so I set up a Harambe meme on my laptop. Then, more people came to talk to us, including the GSA president. So long story short I’ll have the support of the GSA, one of the biggest clubs on campus! They, along with a student government representative, encouraged me to become an official club, something about I’d have an easier time having events and getting a space for my club. So I made some progress on that front, I now know what it takes, but I won’t bore you with those details.

Later on, I went up to some people playing Magic: the Gathering (without the clipboard so I wouldn’t get in trouble) and got a few more signups. I even met a fellow voluntaryist, who seemed very interested! Then, I chatted with a student named Francis, who had heard of YAL, and he decided to join as an official member!

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