First Time Tabling, Great Results!

I had a wonderful time speaking with students on campus earlier today. In total, I got 34 names with contact information for our interest meeting signup sheet. What I learned at YALCON was invaluable; no matter how nervous I was about putting myself out there, I kept a positive, outgoing demeanor the entire time, and it paid off!

I had really great conversations with a few people at the booth. One person and I commiserated as we recounted how alone we each had felt when first realizing the importance of personal liberty and self-ownership. While laughing it off, I realized the importance of having a YAL chapter on campus. It isn’t just an amazing opportunity to defend human rights and promote liberty; it’s also a beacon to liberty-minded college students who might feel isolated from anyone else who may share their values. I want to facilitate that feeling of belonging on campus, while of course, preventing an echo chamber from forming.

A few people expressed their delight to see that our school had a YAL chapter. They were fresh out of high school, looking to join that awesome organization who had hosted Ben Shapiro in a YouTube video they had watched. Everyone needs to keep in mind, that anything we put on the internet is going to influence people for years; in this case, the influence was, in my opinion, very positive. Good job, guys!

I’ll wrap this up by saying, this was a great experience! I hadn’t expected tabling to be so much fun, and I’m looking forward to the next event!

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