First Time Tabling (Wake Tech, Raleigh, NC)

Today was our first time tabling at Wake Technical Community College. Although we were nervous at first we proceeded with the event. We set up the tablecloth and put out the constitutions; filled the candy bowl and set up the quiz. The second we asked, “Have you heard of Young Americans for Liberty?” the nervousness went away. Although discussing political issues may seem daunting it was actually really fun. 


Students took part in a political quiz to see where they aligned on the political map. The notion that students at Wake Tech aren’t politically interested melted away as many participated in our event. We got twenty-one sign ups. 

One of our favorite parts of the day came from a man with a thick Eastern European accent, stated that he wouldn’t join YAL because he “needed to get citizenship first” and took a pocket constitution so he could study for the test. Another guy said that he was “socially liberal but economically conservative, and there isn’t really a party for that.” That statement proved why we are part of YAL in the first place: there are liberty-lovers who don’t even know they’re liberty-lovers.

In closing, we want to acknowledge everyone who made it come together: Jeff Frazee, although we’ve never met, your name is on the box of tabling supplies. Lydia Schwertfeger, for helping us with any questions we had along the way. Brittany Wilson, for helping get the supplies. Finally, to those who helped table including Eric Ward, David Nijimbere, and Jordan Boone.

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