First Timers’ Trial and Error

The table set up

We’ve only had two tabling events so far here at the University of Delaware, and already, it’s truly proving itself to be a learning process! At our first session, we didn’t even have a banner yet, so I had to write out YAL myself across several large sheets of paper. Needless to say, my illustration skills are lacking, and our desire for a banner grew even stronger. 

That’s when we finally received the YAL War on Youth activist kit! How exciting! How awesome! How relieved we were…until campus bureaucracy opened its mouth.  Due to zoning rules for kiosks, we weren’t allowed to set up the debt pong game, and even after we hung up the large debt banner, we were told to take it down. Oh well, lesson learned; we’ll just have to take it all outside. 

Banner hung up before being told to take it down

Laptop playing various liberty oriented videos

The table set up

The table set up

Prior to receiving the activist kit

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