First week of Fall Recruitment @ Indiana University


This past Monday marked the first day of classes here at Indiana University and we were ready to start our Fall Recruitment Drive. We decided that we would use Operation Politically Homeless to help draw in a lot of new faces.

We tabled for three hours on both Monday and Thursday and saw great results on both days. We encountered many people that thought they knew where they stood politically, until they took the quiz. Many people were surprised that there were more options than just the left and the right. This was our goal, to show people that politics isn’t all about political parties.

Overall we had a very successful first week. We found a lot of people who were looking to get involved but just didn’t know how. We had a lot of fun and plan on continuing this for the next couple of weeks and reach out to as many students as we can!

Students taking the worlds smallest political quiz Jillian talking to students about YAL
Nathan O'Connor talking to students about YAL Nate talking to students
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