First Week of Tabling at the University of Houston

Our first week of Tabling:

We began tabling in our University Center satellite during the lunch hour. Our satellite’s main function is food and social events, while our main UC is mainly offices.


During this time, we passed out pocket Constitutions and if people correctly guessed where they stood on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, then they could receive a free copy of Henry Hazlett’s Economics in One Lesson. We were able to get ten people to sign our sheet. 


Later that week I was on the planning committee for an event called “Turn Up for Turn Out” which was a voter registration drive, where all the political organizations on campus came together and recruited. Unfortunately, I was unable to find pictures of the large crowd that came, but did have pictures of our table.


We currently have an Attorney General running for office whose main platform is the legalization of Marijuana. We attached some of his stickers to our signs and gained a large amount of student attention.

We were able to secure an additional twenty signings for more information about our organization. Our chapter membership this year is currently at 14!

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