First YAL Event @ UT Dallas

Glorious Beard Man

We missed out on the initial wave of students last semester due to our chapter’s late registration. Next year is going to be different, which is why we had our first event during the Spring Break. Our school hosted a Preview Week event for all the prospective students. This was our chance to make up for the Fall semester. 

New Recruits To-Be

We used our mesmerizing smiles to attract the students and then hooked them by dropping some liberty knowledge. The political quiz was a great tool to show people where they stand economically and politically. Many were surprised to see themselves placed within the libertarian spectrum. Even the people who advocated for the big government. 


We met many interested students who I am hoping will join us next year. At this rate, YAL’s domination of UTD is now much closer. In the end, as Borat would say, the event was a “Great Success” (I am slow at adapting new memes, Please don’t hate me). 

Great Success!

Base of Operation

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