First YAL Recruitment Drive Ended Like You Would Expect… A Total Success!

Students Pose for YAL Picture

Young Americans for Liberty at Pima Community College participated in the Student Club Fair on September 3 hosted by the school, and the results were amazing! We set up our table early in the morning and were ready a little before the event officially started. 

Despite the statist bias we face from our school’s extreme political views, we actually had great attention! Many students crossing the school’s bookstore lobby couldn’t help but notice an impressively decorated table that grabbed their attention, and made them want to know more about it.

Our Well-Decorated Table!

We also tried to keep our table experience fun for students. One of our members came up with an idea of inventing a small, fast board game that could make everyone who signed up win a prize! Those prizes were one of our goodie bags, a YAL pocket Constitution, a book, or a candy bag. We could see the surprise on their faces whenever we told someone that for signing up they had the opportunity to play the game.

Students signing up for YAL!

For running this organization in a medium-sized, generally left-wing college, 46 sign-ups doesn’t sound too bad! We were really grateful for the support that many students and passersby showed us.

We are expecting to host our first meeting of the Semester today, and we are hoping it will be a great first meeting. We will take that opportunity to show what YAL is for and why we are here. Click here for the Facebook event. Fingers crossed everyone!

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