First YAL Recruitment Events at City College of San Francisco


I have now gone with YAL State Chair Isaac Edikauskas onto campus at City College of San Francisco for chapter recruiting three times. So far we have had some decent success. The first day we attempted to host a free speech ball event, and while it did show it’s potential for recruiting, it was mostly unsuccessful as Karl The Fog (The name for the fog in SF) and the wind seemed to be conspiring against us to take our giant inflatable ball away. We got a few sign-ups and had a good chat about how to make the next try more successful, and from there things seemed to run a lot smoother. The next time Isaac and I went out with the free speech ball, we were joined by Eric Corgas, the Skyline College Chapter President. With Eric’s help, and a “good to go” from Karl The Fog, we had much more success in our second attempt, and then carried that success into the third attempt.  

After the second and third tries, I found myself with a good list of people to contact and invite to meetings. I have planned the date (September 29) and I am currently looking for a place to host the first meeting. I love the effectiveness of the free speech ball, because many people on campus are unaware of the campus’s free speech zones policies, and most are shocked to hear that they exist. We are on the track to give First Amendment Rights back to nearly 60,000 students at a college in one of the most liberal minded places in the country. 


Andrew Edwards

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