First YAL Tabling event at Clemson

After a sluggish fall semester followed by some leadership change, the Clemson University Young Americans for Liberty chapter has official begun to pick up some momentum. We had a very successful first tabling event.

Fortune favored us from the get-go with a warm and sunny day during this unusually cold winter which put the whole of Clemson in a great mood. Our audience was open and curious about our table, and we, the young Americans for liberty, were excited to grow our club. 


From left the right: Michelle Penninger, Stephen Chretien, Aaron Luker. Behind the Camera: Douglas Calder

The power player of the day was Aaron Luker. Aaron would go up and down the library bridge handing out copies of Why Liberty? and selling our YAL chapter to anyone and everyone who would listen.


Aaron 2

Manning the table was Michelle and Stephen. They were able to get the attention of enough of the student body to deplete all the resources we had from YAL, SFL, and FEE over a two and a half hour period. Our outcome from that beautiful March day? We filled up all the sign up sheets we had plus the backside of one of the sheet–a huge success indeed.

Sign up sheets

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