Five reasons to apply to the 2014 YAL National Convention

We’re less than ONE MONTH AWAY from the 2014 YAL National Convention!

And we literally only have a couple dozen seats left to fill before the big event.

So if you have been thinking about it, let me give you five reasons to apply to attend the convention right now:

#1 Meet 300 new best friends.

Apply today!
Okay, maybe they won’t all be your very best friends, but students who attend the YAL National Convention are top liberty activists, just like you. They’re people who will go on to manage national campaigns and run liberty organizations. Don’t pass up this chance to meet them!

#2 As we’re only one month away, spots are at a premium.

Apply today!

Like I said, we are almost sold out. This is one of your last opportunities to apply!

#3 The speaker list is growing daily.

Apply today!

Speaker update: Dr. Ron Paul, Sen. Rand Paul, Glenn Greenwald, Tom Woods, Jack Hunter, Lawrence Reed, Steve Sutton, and Mike Rothfeld are just a few speakers we can announce today.

We have about twice as many big name speakers to roll out that you won’t want to miss. Every year we bring together all the biggest names in the movement. And this is your opportunity to see them up-close and personal.

#4 Launch your career or line up an internship.

Apply now

We’ll have more than 20 of the top pro-liberty organizations in the country sponsoring the event, managing tables, and introducing you to new opportunities. Every year we have attendees leave the convention with job and internship offers. If you want to work full-time for liberty, this is a prime chance to introduce yourself and meet leading organizations.

#5 Prepare your chapter for the fall.

Apply today
You’ll receive the best activism and leadership training available that you can take back to campus and grow your chapter. Our strongest and most active chapters always come out of the National Convention. They learn the tactics and techniques to build a sustainable organization. This is your best chance to make a name for yourself and become a leader next fall.
Now, you really don’t have an excuse. Just apply now. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Don’t miss it!
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