“Flex Your Rights” at Auburn University

“If you make enough laws, everybody’s a criminal.” – Justin Hanners

Student Center tabling again

This past week was very successful for the Auburn University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty. In order to promote our “Flex Your Rights” campaign, members tabled in the Student Center and on the concourse Monday through Friday. We collected 54 sign-ups for our email list!

sign up straight

Student Center Tabling


Rather than holding our normal Thursday meeting, former Auburn police officer, Justin Hanners, came to speak. A record breaking 65 people were present for free pizza and to hear Mr. Hanners’s story. Because of the high volume of attendees, we had to switch rooms twice.

looking down at the crowd

Mr. Hanners was fired from the Auburn police force for exposing a ticket and arrest quota. This erroneous policy puts individual Auburn citizens at a 200% chance of a negative interaction with police. Police officers are required to have 100 contacts per month; 40 of those could be warnings, but the remaining 60 must be traffic citations, non-traffic citations, and arrests.

Justin Hanners speaking

In addition to sharing his story, Mr. Hanners elaborated on our Constitutional rights and how to use them when encountering police. He highlighted the importance of filming the police, always trying to be the good guy in the situation, and never consenting to a search.

Group pic!

We distributed wallet-sized cards with a few tips for dealing with police. There will be more for people to pick up when they visit our table. Also, the meeting was recorded for anyone who missed it or wants to listen again! The video will be uploaded to our Facebook page soon.

Police card 2

Police card 1

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