“Flex Your Rights” spring kickoff @ Central Michigan University!

This semester at Central Michigan University, we decided to kick our semester off by partnering with several different organizations on our campus to host a “Flex Your Rights” event. We partnered with the pre-law fraternity on our campus, Student Advocates for Medical and Responsible use of Cannabis, and Students for Concealed Carry to bring students information about how to deal with police.

The event started with meeting the sponsors, where each organization had a table outside of the auditorium. Students were able to see each of our organizations, what we do, and how they can get involved.

Students getting ready to learn about their rights!

Next, we showed “Flex Your Rights” documentary 10 Rules for Dealing with Police which shows a variety of situations that anyone could find themselves in with police and how to deal with those situations.

After a short break, each sponsoring organization gave a 15-minute presentation specific to their organization. I gave a presentation about my personal favorite amendment to the Constitution, the Fourth Amendment! These presentations were informative and a little bit more in-depth, relating to the general topics in the documentary.

Fourth Amendment Rights presentation

Over 50 students showed up, were educated on how to deal with police officers in sticky situations, and were able to check out 4 great organizations on our campus!

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